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Teradek launches Prism Mobile bonded cellular 4K video encoder

Also available in V-mount, the new Teradek Prism Mobile
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Also available in V-mount, the new Teradek Prism Mobile

Teradek’s new Prism Mobile is a camera-back video encoder with integrated cellular bonding which the company reckons will deliver 4K HDR video from the toughest network environments.

With connectivity in the field becoming more and more critical as a whole range of live productions move towards remote-based workflows, cameras that can be enabled to work increasingly independently in the field are becoming more and more useful.

Hence, Teradek’s new Prism Mobile camera-back encoder. Featuring two built-in high-performance cellular modems, and support for a healthy nine simultaneous network connections across WiFi, Ethernet, and Cellular (though a subscription to Teradek Core is required to unlock all of them), the idea is that Prism Mobile offers the crucial connectivity required for going live at a whole range of events.

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Prism Mobile’s milled aluminium chassis weighs in at just 1.9 lbs (864g) with Gold- or V-mount battery plates, making the device what Teradek claims to be the lowest-SWaP (Size Weight and Power) encoder in its class. And , as you can see, it fits neatly between the camera and the battery. This should allow camera operator to go live for long periods of time and deliver 10-bit broadcast-quality 4K HDR without the additional strain that heavy backpacks can produce.

Prism Mobile solves three of the most common complaints we’ve heard from camera operators in the field: product size, power usage, and feature set,” said Michael Gailing, General Manager of Teradek’s Live business. “This is a no-compromise solution, allowing camera operators to stay nimble without sacrificing quality and functionality.”

The new unit is available now and priced at $5490 or equivalent.

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