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Panasonic Connect adds new IP live switcher and outdoor ready 4K PTZ

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Interesting new stuff from Panasonic Connect launching in Vegas; the new AV-HSW10 live switcher and the AW-UR100 ruggedised 4K PTZ.

Proving that not everything in the AV market got launched at ISE earlier this year, Panasonic Connect has two new products aimed mainly at the education/corporate/etcetera segment.

Based on Panasonic’s predecessor AW-HS50 live switcher, which has been widely used for various live productions, the new AV-HSW10 switcher features a compact body with 10bit processing and is being billed as Panasonic Connect’s response to the increasing demand for high-quality video used by companies and schools, as well as the need for labour-saving IP compatibility in video production. 

It supports the most widely used broadcasting protocols and features IP inputs/outputs such as NDI and SRT in addition to SDI and HDMI, all contained in a compact and highly mobile notebook-size chassis.

panasonic  AV-HSW10

The idea is that when combined with IP-enabled PTZ cameras, it creates a simple IP-based video production system. The AV-HSW10 also supports RTMP for direct upload to streaming services, and USB Video Class for compatibility with web conferencing services. Systems can be adjusted based on the site size and platform, enabling one-person operation from production to distribution.

It features user-friendly buttons on the main unit, a handy T-shaped fader, and intuitive on-screen displays to ensure easy, error-free operation. It is also compatible with the Panasonic Software Control Panel for viewing video and images in applications, as well as for easy, direct switching from a PC via a network, allowing multiple people to work simultaneously for extra-efficient on-site operation.

Availability is Q4 this year with pricing TBA.

And the AW-UR100 4K PTZ...

The new outdoor AW-UR100 PTZ, meanwhile, will be available in Q3. The new model combines rugged reliability and high-precision shooting capabilities, such as 4K/60FPS, with cropping functionality and a dynamic image stabilising system (DISS) to overcome the challenges of working outdoors. 

panasonic ue100w

For shooting from various angles at large-scale events, the UR100 offers both a 74.1° horizontal wide-angle lens for panoramic pull-backs and 4K/60P compatibility for 24x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. It also features three types of image stabilisation systems for shake-free video: optical image stabilisation (OIS), electronic roll correction (EIS) and pan-tilt image stabilisation (Dynamic Image Stabilising System—DISS).

It’s not just been built for outdoor environments either, but challenging outdoor environments, including shooting in high-corrosion salt-air locations or in rain, wind, snow or intense sunlight. The camera is hermetically sealed to keep out wind-blown dust and sand, and a defroster warms the lens to prevent the formation of frost, ice or condensation in extreme temperatures down to -15°C (-4°F). There is also a convenient wiper to keep the lens clear in wet conditions.

Lastly, it includes many interfaces for major baseband transmission, such as 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI and fibre, as well as support for various IP protocols including NDI and SRT. FreeD is also supported for AR/VR systems.

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