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Godox showcases innovative lighting on the NAB show floor

Godox at NAB
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Godox at NAB

In a world where lighting can make or break a shot, Godox reckons it has what it takes to light up any scene. Let's look at what kind of lighting solutions Godox had with its impressive set of lights at NAB.

Jameson Brooks, Brand Ambassador for Godox, showcases their four different lights, each offering different features and capabilities. We start with the Beamlight Max90, a powerhouse of light designed to shoot over long distances. Featuring G-Mount MG2400B lights, this light is not only powerful but also comes with IP registration for durability in any shooting environment.

Moving on, we are introduced to the P1200R hard panel light, a versatile option that provides full RGB colors. However, Jameson takes us to the all-new Knowled F800R light that truly captured our attention. Described as a "flex mat" that can be conveniently packed into a small case, this light offers an impressive 800 watts of brightness along with full RGB color capabilities. With an IP 65 rating and weather-durable controller, this flexible panel is a game-changer for creators seeking versatility and performance.

Lastly, we have the MG1200R light, another newcomer to the Godox lineup. This light, like others, offers full RGB capabilities and can be easily plugged into a standard household outlet, making it accessible and user-friendly. When paired with Cine reflectors, these lights produce natural sunlight-like adding depth and dimension to any scene.

Check it out below!


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