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ASUS promises Masters-level knowledge at NAB

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One of the real joys about physically being there in Vegas is the opportunity to glean knowledge from all the experts giving masterclasses, demos, and insights at the show too. The ASUS ProArt Masters’ Talks are a case in point.

In the spirit of the ASUS ProArt mission, A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Tech, the ProArt Masters’ Talks being held on its booth at the show (C2934) bring industry experts, individual professionals, and communities together to share the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies and practical workflow tips and tools in the field.

The schedule currently stands at five different sessions, one of which is even going to be a panel moderated by our own head cheese, Matt Gregory. Here’s the full schedule:

Mastering 8K Video Editing Workflow 

11:00-11:40, April 15

Jacob Schwarz, Film & Commercial Director, Mystery Box

· The challenges of 8K video editing workflow
· The advantages of ProArt 8K displays for video editing
· Unleash the power of HDR video editing on an 8K monitor

Panel: Trends in Virtual Production

14.00-14.30, April 15

Alvin Renz Teves, CTO, VU Studio; Matt Bach, Senior Hardware Analyst, Puget Systems; Moderated by Matt Gregory, CEO, RedShark Media

· All the latest technologies and trends impacting virtual production

AI: Friend or Foe in the Realm of Art and Creativity

15:15-15:45, April 15

Olivier Brochu Delfour, Senior Researcher, Computer Vision & Machine Learning, DNEG Studio

· Explore the intricate bond between Artificial Intelligence and artistic creation
· Discover the potential of AI as a creative tool
· Uncover the implications on the role of human artists

Hardware Considerations for Local Generative AI

11:00-11:30, April 16

Matt Bach, Senior Hardware Analyst, Puget Systems

· Explore the benefits of local processing for Generative AI
· Learn hardware to use to optimize performance for local Gen AI
· Highlight software considerations such as Windows vs Linux, different front-end frameworks, and more

Analysis of Virtual Production Technology and Future Development

14.30-15.00, April 16

Lin Chia Chi, Founder, Moonshine Studio

· Virtual production project sharing
· Production process (combining hardware and software)
· How to use AI to import workflow

Head to https://www.asus.com/proart/events/nabshow/ to find out more.

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